Monday, November 3, 2014

Daylight Savings Time

I have a love hate relationship with the concept.  And I still haven’t caught up with it a day later.

For those of you who do not know what it is, I’ll explain.
In the warmer months people wanted to have more daylight time after work to have fun and get things done on their off time.  Changing the schedules of every work place was far too complicated.  So if all the clocks were to be set ahead one hour, everyone would be on the same page and happy.  In the colder months of the year we can go back to the time set about by our rightful place on the imaginary grid covering the earth that rules these things along with the rest of the planets people.  (Longer version here.)

Sounds great!  More time for fun in the sun.  Right?

I am not a sun worshiper.  In fact I hide from it most of the time.  And making me move my natural rhythms messes me up quite a bit.  This also refers to my pets; a dog and cat who like, no demand, to have their meals on ‘pet’ standard time.

I have trouble with time as a whole.  It doesn’t comply with my wishes.  It speeds up and slows down at the most incontinent opportunities.  It puts undue pressure on me.

And on two days a year, one forward and one back, I have to change the time on no less than nine clocks in my house.  (Not counting computers and other devices that fix themselves.)

Yes, that does sound excessive for a seven and a half room house.   But time escapes me if not kept firmly in my face.

So I spent much time changing and dusting off, (I was there already so why not kill two birds with one stone.) the many time pieces in my house yesterday.

But still it gives me hope.  If a society can manipulate time… I may some day get the hang of it or mould it to my will.  Ha, ha!

Well the dog got me up at 3:00AM this morning.  He was protesting the time change on the food schedule with an excessively early nature call, I think.  I was too tired to care as I let him out of the door.

Maybe I hold up false hope.  Time ‘is’ and I must accept that I’ll never get the true hang of it.  Time will tell…

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