Thursday, November 6, 2014

Facebook - Now that is Scary.

Facebook - Now that is Scary.

Okay, so I tried to get into my old facebook account to shut it down.  I figured that if I’m not ever going to use it again why confuse people?

I made a typing misstep and got all caught up in their newer security measures.

They asked for my cell phone number.

Great, there is no cell phone number attached to that account because I didn’t have a cell phone back when I got on.

I try to get around the question.

Surely with all the people out there on facebook others have not filled in that particular blank or like me had no cell phone number at the time they started their account.

I tried further.  Thinking that, like other sites, I would receive a reply via email with a way past this mess.

But no.  What they then wanted was my Social Security Identification number.  What does facebook want with my SSI number?  Why are they even asking?

Yes, it is good that facebook has security measures in place but why use that kind of personal info.

If facebook ever gets hacked a lot of people are up a creek without a paddle.

But I won’t be one of them.  Lady E never gives her real birthday out, ever!

Let me know if you find a place with similar games with no friends attached.  I just love those collection and expansion of lands with little or no battles, where I can put the houses and stuff anywhere I want.  But I don’t love them enough to risk the jokers at facebook with giving them my personal info.

One trip down ID theft was more than enough for me.

For you who want out of this madness.  The ways to delete your facebook account are here.

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Lucretia said...

Yeesh... I had similar problems years ago with Yahoo. I tried to do something with my account, but it wouldn't let me because I hadn't put in the year I was born when I set up the account, only the month/day, so they "assumed" I was under 18! Since when I opened the account it was not required that the year be put in, it shouldn't have been required later! But they had changed the rules, and you couldn't contact them about it, either.

You're probably better off without the FB account, anyway, and smart not to give them all that info. If they're asking for your entire SS number, not just the last four digits, that's NOT a good thing.