Tuesday, November 4, 2014

About This Facebook Game Thing?

So a nice neighbor let me try her Royal Story game on facebook.  She hadn’t played it in so long that even she was lost as to what was going on.  Apparently she had been playing Royal Story with her grandkids one summer when it first came out, but it became TOO time consuming and they all deserted it for fun in the sun.

I worked on the game for about an hour and liked some of what was going on.

The available land was so crammed full of apparently necessary stuff that it wasn’t easily workable.  And it didn’t look good either.

There was a machine I needed but I couldn’t place it for lack of available space.  So that quest was put on hold.

It was a lot of hurry up and wait stuff.  Hurry make this thing and wait 3 hours for it to arrive finished.

Also much of what needed to be done had ‘get it from friends’ attached.  And as there were no friends left to get anything from.  I was stumped there too.

The advertising was in your face.  This is obviously a ploy to make money off of the game addicted among us.  (We will frustrate you until you give us money to start the cycle all over again.  Rinse, lather, repeat.)  I’m not spending one dollar, one dime, one penny on a game that is trying so hard to get me to do so.

They also want you spending all your time on facebook playing.  Morning, Noon and Night!  (Hang with us and you will receive wonderful prizes in just 16 hours, 3 minutes and 47 seconds.)

But these are virtual prizes and meant only pull you further into the game.

I have a life.  I can and will only spend a few hours a day playing games on the computer.

Yet, still it intrigued me.  I do love this kind of collection/expansion game.  For a few hours I was really thinking about getting back on facebook again and playing some of those games.  But I’m not out to spending my days frustrated on games that are just using me to try to make money.

So I’m asking you.

Should I take the time to make a new profile just for gaming over on facebook?

(Say, something like; Spider S. Webb, Black Widow, Freak N. Stine, or Shadow E. Corners.   I got a million of them.)

Do you play Facebook collection type games and which ones do you suggest for me?

Am I asking for trouble if I do try facebook again?

I really do want your opinion here.


Sylvie Little Corp Goth Girl said...

Personally, I wouldn't. A lot of those facebook games are full of bugs/spywares. Plus, the annoyance of getting 100000 requests to play these games. I am not sure whether or not these are sent intentionally either or it is programmed into the game. It is up to you if you like that sort of thing but it is not my cup of tea

Lucretia said...

I agree with Sylvie, I wouldn't do it if I were you. Those games sound just like the "free" ones on the internet years ago (and maybe still) where you could only go so far before you had to pay them money to keep going. Plus you will probably then get a million ads and "invitations" to play other games as well. I get those from my FB friends all the time to play those games, but I'm positive my friends aren't sending them, as they know I only go on FB to check a couple of things and don't do that other stuff.