Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Won!!! I Won!!!!

I won the Halloween contest over at Goth Gardener.

It was for a Shovel related posting for Halloween.

I wrote a story titled 'The Shovel' over at Thrill or Shiver.

Vain bugger that I am, I took bragging rights for a prize.

I don't need anything else right now.  Well nothing that can be but in a box and sent through the post.

Health and friends can't be put in a box.  And who can't use more of both of them.

I'm going to sit on my winnings and smile the day away.

By the way I wasn't the only winner.  Lucretia's Reflection won for her pictures of Shovels in a Halloween way.  Fun stuff!

Looking forward to more fun again next year.

1 comment:

Lucretia said...

Congratulations to us!! :-)

And I can't remember if I commented on your story or not, but just in case I didn't... creeeeepy!! :-)