Friday, November 14, 2014

Getting Better, I Think???

So I've been in bed with an ear infection for a few days.

I'm feeling some what better and felt that I could contribute to the household chores once more.

But to my surprise my being sick apparently gave the house permission to go mess happy.

I'm not naming names here, but someone didn't put things away.  Anything away.

I understand about laundry and dishes piling high.  But in or around the sink/washer.

Not all over the house!

Look here.  I'm not the mess police.  I have made my fair share of clutter.  But really?!?

The house looks like a frat house the day after full party mode.

I know that we all have our jobs to do.  You're busy and so am I.

But when did I become your private maid?  When did you stop pulling your weight?  When did you forget that dropping and dumping things was not a grown up way to live?

I just want to go back to bed but I won't.  I'm too afraid of what would happen next.

Gotta, go clean something to make myself feel better.

Now I never thought I'd be saying that in my lifetime.  But some how it is true.

What just happened here.

I must have woken in an alternate reality.  He got messy and I got a cleaning bug.


Sylvie Little Corp Goth Girl said...

My husband gets lazy when I get sick. It drives me up the wall! Cleaning things make me feel better too

Lucretia said...

I was out of town without computer access all last week, so I'm just now reading these posts. And I'm sorry you've been sick, and glad you're feeling better! But all I have to say to "him" is... "REALLY???"

My husband is VERY bad about leaving his mess everywhere. I tell people his stuff is like ground ivy, it oozes over everything eventually. But when I tell him I can't sit with him in the living room because there is no room for me, he jumps on it! So maybe yours will get the message if you try something like that? Just a thought.