Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sorry about that facebook friends

Okay I get the facebook thing.  A little.  But I am not there.

I mean I am there, I have a page, but I never go there to check out my page.

It’s not you, its me!  I am not gathering friends there.  All those many friend requests that show up in my email box end up in my spam folder because I set it so that anything from facebook ends up there.

I am not ignoring you.   I’m not there on facebook to friend you or anyone else.  I don’t even remember my password.  (And I can’t get the old one from facebook because I can’t remember what I put in for security question answers.  I tried.

I was on facebook for one day many years ago.  And it took me days to finally come out from under the bed.

And I still don’t get this “Friend me” stuff from strangers that didn’t like my Gothy self but just wanted to win the game of having more friends than their neighbor.  I felt like a dented ping pong ball, always going off to the side.  (Go somewhere else to play and leave me alone!)

And than there was the hate thing.

Personally there were family issues that played into it.  Enemy issues too.  And my mother hit the roof because some family members threatened to out me as her daughter on her page also.

My family doesn’t get the Goth thing.  They stopped waiting for me to out grow it and just let their disapproval show full strength all the time.  They also don’t know about acceptance and forgiveness.  But that is a different subject.

My mother loves me and has a ‘live and let live’ attitude about it most of the time.  But still doesn’t want any negative feed back coming her way.  Her church friends don’t approve.  (Mama says, ‘Isn’t that nice dear, but just leave it at home please.  You can show it to me when I come there.’)

(And yes I am an old lady who still has a mother.  An older old lady.  And Don’t even think about saying it its cute.  I‘ll bite you.)

And what is it with people thinking they can ask me personal questions?  And dissing me if I don’t give them an answer that they like.  (Like, I don’t know you and most of my friends don’t know this stuff about me.  And guess what?  It is none of your business what my sex life is like!)

I didn’t go on facebook to tell all my dirty little secrets either.  (So go away already!)

I did want to get into some of the games there.  Collection and land expansion without the war stuff.  But it was soon obvious that what facebook wanted was my money to keep it going.  And you just can’t get those types of games anywhere any longer.  The makers of these games make way too much money for their games on those social websites.  I still wish that they did sell single player versions for people like me also.

So save yourself some time and stop friending me on facebook.  I’m not at home there.

Someday I may go back and try again with a new page.  But for now my enemies live there and I’m too old to want to deal with that in your face trash anymore.  I have better things to do with my time.  And besides you can visit me any time you like here at my blog if you have something you want to say to me.  I’m here and I’m listening to my accepting friends.


Sue Johnson said...

Lol...I'm not on fb either. Same reasons. Have a great day...rain finally stopped here in NJ, sun is shining, wind whipping, cold set in, but its beautiful out there! Blessings.

Lucretia said...

I LOVE this post. Although I'm sorry about your family problems, that is too sad. I guess I'm fortunate in that I don't have much family, and my mom thinks it's weird but basically ignores it, although she did ask me a few weeks ago if I had ANY tops that didn't have a skull on it. (She hasn't seen some of my skirts and leggings yet.)

I am ONLY on FB because (you'll laugh at this) I'm in a penpal group that uses FB to collect members and exchange addresses. And I belong to a goth group that is rather fun, as everyone is 30+. But other than that, FORGET IT.

Sylvie Little Corp Goth Girl said...

I am active on Facebook but I blocked the negative family members but my dynamics are mine and are probably way different than yours. I often call Facebook Dramabook LOL