Friday, November 7, 2014

Facebook Bad - Social Games Good

Okay now, the title really tells it all.

Facebook has been collecting things it really shouldn’t about you and hopes that you will spend all your time there and spend all your money there too.  Very Bad!!!

Social Games are fun to play but you can find them free elsewhere.  There is a listing here to get you started.

Most require an email account to play and/or have in your face advertising.  To avoid ads and requests to your personal email by make a new separate email persona and use it for all your gaming sites.

Some games require you to actively recruit friends.

There are old games, new games, and even cute Hello Kitty games and all for free.  From small single player games to large multi player MMORPG worlds.

So far I’ve found that Big Farm plays the most like ‘Royal Story’ but there is no cute main character.  You can find it by the link above or other places on line to play.

Up side of Big Farm - you don’t have to actively ask friends to join up.  You can make your own co-op or join one looking for members.  There are small noises that go off when something needs your attention so you can get up from your screen and still play.

Down side - you can only build, or up grade, one building at a time and they can take a long time to build.  The music is repetitive but can be easily turned off.

Lots of side quests, goals and challenges, most with no time limit.   Missions have a time limit for you to gather the most of a called for item, against a small group of other random players.  Win or loose nets you needed stuff.  And there are roaming worker that randomly have a question mark over their heads every few seconds.  Run your cursor over them for random stuff from money to goods.

Work your way up the levels to make a dream farm world of your own.  They kind of hit you hard at first trying to get you to do too many things at once.  But if you take your time you’ll easily get the hang of it.  The pace goes up and down depending on your choices.

If you are looking for other types of games like the Match 3 type King Games has a lot of their games on facebook.  Free at the homes site Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue…  as do other sites.

True some games are only on facebook but we don’t need facebook to have free game fun.  And I’m not going to spend any of my time there.

Enough said!

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