Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Winter House Button Up:

It was a busy weekend. We were getting ready for Winter.

Moving wood piles closer to the house. Putting plastic over windows that won’t be opened for the season. Airing out bedding and winter coats.

Collecting the fallen leaves. The ash trees in front of the house are bare so now the leave can be moved so they stop coming in the house every time the door is opened. The oaks still have half of their leaves but they won’t fall off until Spring. Oaks are like that.

The chimneys got a thorough cleaning. Of course they will be cleaned more times through out the season, but it is always nice to have a fresh start.

One thing after another, but it feels good to have it all done.

It was a bit early this year. But with the baby coming and the early cold spell, it just seemed right to do it now.

I don’t need to have a house fall on me. After five mornings of frost I’m ready to button up the house for the Winter.

1 comment:

whitey said...

Not looking forward to the winter chill. But just like you I know it is coming.