Saturday, October 2, 2010

On Or Two In The Bush?:

Should I have tried it a third time? I think not. Bird in the hand and all that.

My new gas range is here. There is a dent from the top to the bottom on the right side. Even the frame is bent at the bottom. I could cry.

It should look like this. (I have to link you because my note book won’t behave with pictures.)

The dent is on the side you can’t see when it is in place, so I can live with it. I just would have liked to have a new stove that looks new even where you can’t see it.

I sucked it up. Got a 20% discount. And had them bring it in.

I now sit with the old one in place because they are not allowed to touch the gas pipes and I couldn’t budge the coupling. The new one in the walk way and the back door off its hinges and propped up against the refrigerator.

Yes, they would have replaced the door, but I just wanted them out of here. (And once we get the old one disconnected we need to have to door off to get it out of here.)

Mountain Man is out of town for the day. And I’ll have to wait until 7:00 PM for him to help me put everything to rights. Good thing it’s a nice day out there today.

It will all be right once I can cook again. I am reserving happiness until I can see it is in fact working. Time will tell.


Mouse said...

Oh no! I'm sending you a virtual hug and a cup of tea to make your day a little brighter! *hugs* *tea* I've got my fingers crossed for a working range!!

whitey said...

That has got to be frustrating!