Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Being On Track:

I have been on a self imposed weight loss program. It is more of a muscle building thing, but it has been taking most of my time.

While shopping the other day I realized that if I had to walk around with a fractious infant for any amount of time, I’d poop put in no time at all. Yes, I let myself get that out of shape.

So, I have been walking and walking and walking on a track, carrying ten pounds of weights in my arms. And I’m now walking for a few miles at a time.

The up side is I’ve been loosing weight again. I’ve lost five pounds so far. I really do need to work off those extra 30 pounds I gained last year, and then some more. 220 pounds is too much for any frame and mine is on the small side.

So I’m at 215 and dropping. And with the help of an almost grandkid I’ll be loosing some more.

I really did need to have a way to work off some of this baby waiting nervousness so I put it to work for me.


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whitey said...

MY motto is FIT&FAT I need to lose ponds to, it is a never ending battle! I am out the door every morning at 5:30 lift weights 3 times a week and step aerobics 2 times a week and I still look like this?? getting old sucks!