Thursday, October 7, 2010

On Childhood Reviewed:

As the time gets closer to being a full fledged grandmother I find myself thinking about when my kids were born and their early childhood and even my own.

I find myself watching cartoons and kids shows more then adult TV. To see what is out there for children these days and to jog a few memories.

The only thing that works better is the smell of crayons.

I do wish that they lived closer to me and I could be a more hands on grandma. But I have been collecting a craft box for visits. Not that an infant can craft, but you can’t start the box too early.

By the time the Little bat is old enough, I should have a good collection of things. Paper towel tubes that slide into each other, to be turned into spy glasses and kaleidoscopes and any number of other things.

Buttons and beads, ribbons and strings, a rainbow of colors in paper. Glue and paste, plastic wrap and tape, tin foil and sparkles. Safety scissors and rulers, crayons and markers, pencils and pens.

I’ll throw in dowels and some food coloring too. Some news print and wrapping paper also. We will mix in imagination and a willingness to have fun.

And out will come kites and large paper hats, enough animals to full up a zoo and a tea party for two. Anything we want, we will make or make do, and have all the fun we can concocted. And if we don’t it wont be for the lack of stuff in the craft box.

It has always turned rain days into holidays before and I’m counting on it working in the future.


Pearl said...

I absolutely love the idea of all those things, all those lovely things that make you believe that you could make just ANYTHING.


Lucky kids!


rabbitIng said...

what lovely ideas! since we moved, and have not unpacked properly yet, i can't find most of my stuff. fortunately, while we still get some good weather, they like nothing better than going out in the woods, i did it yesterday with Ellie, 4, and Finn, 2 1/2, and we had a great time. and the bonus is, they were hungry and tired when i took them home, so no arguments about bed time! you will have such fun. after all, when your grandchild is big enough, you can have him/her to stay, and help mum out at the same time, in this busy world. i can tell, you were a good mum, and you'll be a great gran too! :)