Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On Old ‘B’ Grade Sci-Fi Movies:

I just love old ‘B’ Grade Sci-Fi Movies and for some reason, for me they are best watched in the Autumn.

I can’t get enough of them. I laugh my head off over these gems.

Things that come from other plants. Giant things that eat or destroy a town. Mummies, Zombies, Vampires and Mad Scientists. I like them all.

Who could resist titles like:
Monster From A Prehistoric Planet
Cosmos War Of the Planets
Creature From The Haunted Sea
The Giant Gila Monster
Doomed To Die
The Ape
First Spaceship On Venus
They Came From Beyond Space
Frankenstein’s Daughter
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
The Monster Maker
The Terror
Attack Of The Monsters
Vampire Bat
Devil Bat
Voyage To the Prehistoric Planet
War Of The Monsters
Gamera Vs. Monster X
Warning From Space
Assignment Outer Space
Little Shop Of Horrors (A Classic)

Just a small sample of my DVD collection.

Oh, the things that could scare us way back when.

Toy spaceships on visible wire against a painted back drop don’t frighten they only amuse. Hokey dialog, Poor plots, and some down right bad acting bring tears of joy to my eyes.

There may be some great comics out in the world, but the way to make this Lady laugh is to show her a good old ‘B’ Grade Sci-Fi.

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Mouse said...

I grew up watching scifi movies with my dad- so I have a special place in my heart for "Forbidden Planet" and "Night of the Lepus" among others...