Thursday, October 14, 2010

On Stiff as a Board:

Well today started with a stiff neck and after hours of a hot water bottle I can now move.

Of course, the only things I have time to do now is the house work then it will be off to bed again.

I am glad it is over, but I just hate to loose a day.

The day was cold and wet. They said snow flurries on the weather report, but I didn’t see any.

And I was looking forward to first snow cookies.

In our house, Every year the person who sees the first snow flake of the season gets to start a batch of cookies and everyone else has to join in. (Not a hardship around here.) It is one of our home made holidays.

If it does snow before I go to bed I’m on those cookies like white on rice.

In fact, I think I’ll stay up a little later then usual just in case. Wouldn’t you do the same?

1 comment:

Mouse said...

I can't imagine a nicer family tradition than "first snow cookies"!!