Monday, October 11, 2010

On Welcome To Goth-hood:

Well I haven’t been talking much about my Gothiness lately.

Not that its gone away, because it hasn’t. I just don’t feel the need to constantly state the obvious.

But will Halloween coming up I do want to add a welcome to all who don’t feel free to be Goth on the outside unless it is a costume party or holiday.

It is a tuff world out there and I for one don’t want to add to another Goth persons load. Not all Goths have a full measure of flashiness. And they just don’t feel the need or have the ability in themselves to wear the ‘out there’ cloths and makeup.

I knew what I liked and that it was not the same as anyone around me. And from a very young age I learned to keep my mouth shut about it.

And as a Goth who doesn’t judge other Goths, I also remember that first step into Goth-hood. (Though for me, it wasn’t called Goth way back then.) I had no role models or groups or anyone around that even thought like me.

I was in the closet because it was that or be sent to the funny farm for a depression I just didn‘t have. I just liked dark stuff and it made me happy. So for years I thought one way and acted another.

Not until there were other Goths to associate with, could I let my true self out. And/or even admit my gothiness to myself.

A big step for a person like me, standing at that time in the late 60‘s, in a world of hippies, drugs and free love. The natural movement was just getting a start. It was all about feeling good, happy and loving.

Bucking the system was the way to go, but only in a pre set of parameters. Communes are not the place for people that don’t play well with others. And no one wore black but old ladies who couldn‘t keep up with the times.

So from someone who got here the hard way. Welcome to Goth-hood. Your not broken, Your just different. And we like it that way.

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Anonymous said...

That's a very good point you make about it not being called 'Goth' way back when. I was called a miserable child because all I ever wanted to wear was black. Even now, people view me as odd because my preferred colour to wear is black. It's just me, it's who I am! Good for you for sticking to your Goth-hood!