Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Couldn’t I Used To Get Into That Dress?:

First I’ll ask a question or riddle as it were.

How do you loose five pounds in three days?

A: Exercise like a Mad Man day and night and Extreme Diet.

B: Go to a Doctor and have him/her Suck it out of you along with a lot of your money.

C: Get so awfully sick that you can’t eat, while you eliminate everything you’ve got for three days.

Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Let me pick! Please! Pretty Please!

I did Letter C for the last three days.

It was no fun I do have to say, but on the flip side I lost a dress size. And a lot of my wardrobe opened up to me again.

On the down side I missed three days of my life and I still have 70 pounds to loose.

Back to eating right and exercising the rest of my butt off.

So I’m off to make my egg free, fat free, sugar free Banana Wheat Germ Cookies in my new oven. It’s the first day I could think of food since I got it. The better to diet with my dear.

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