Friday, October 1, 2010

On Roof Repairs Today:

So far, Ms Mousie of the Knotty Mouse Blog took me up on my tagging. She commented to say she would post it there. A great blogging friend and wonderful person.

If you heard any kind of news on yesterday, you know about the rain and flooding we were/are having on the east coast. Here, we got more rain in a day and a half then we usually get in a whole summer season.

Over five inches here in my garden. In a word, Wet!

It rained in my parlor too. Pots, pans, and plastic wastepaper baskets were placed about to catch the many drips.

And the water came down the chimneys. Stinky, black, creosote water. We have chimney caps, but they weren’t enough for the rain and wind we had.

Mountain Man was away for the day and I was on my own until he could make it back home at two in the morning. (He would have gotten back by ten if not for the detours.) Did you know that Pennsylvania has more bridges than any other state? Bridges that get flooded in weather like we had yesterday.

The water is going down and we needed the rain for the water table. We have well water here, no rain - no water.

Mountain Man will be up on the roof today fixing the leak and I will be nervous knitting until he is safely on the ground again.


rabbitIng said...

oh my, we've got just the same here, although the rain's not coming down the chimney. and we're watching a film called 'the day after tomorrow' about sudden climated change, which makes you wonder :(. Hope Mountain Man fixed everything ok, and is safely back on terra firma.

smithmark said...

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Leah Clay said...

That was unfortunate! Good thing nothing worse happened other than water leaks. Harsh weather is the #1 reason for roof damage. And while we can’t do anything to prevent these from occurring, we can prepare ourselves for the worst to limit the damages. Also, it is important to fix any damages right after the bad weather passes. That way, you’d be able to recover faster.