Saturday, October 9, 2010

On Looking Upward:

Today was a lovely Autumn day. I was looking at the last of the color in the trees. And guess what I saw?

An Eagle! Flying over head. It skimmed the trees just north of the house.

We have had them moved into a State Park a few years ago. This park is a few miles away so I would look skyward every time I got a chance.

And just when I was thinking that they just weren’t going to come my way for whatever reason eagles reason with… There it was just flying low and circling higher.

I watched it for over an hour doing its lazy circle dance in the sky. Before it got too high to see any longer, it turned off toward the park and home.

This is not my first bald eagle sighting, but it was one of the longest and the closest.

They are intimidating in their largeness. It felt like if it had landed on my house with its wings still spread, it would have more than covered the roof, front to back, of my ranch style house.

I felt a bit like a hobbit must have felt in the Lord of the Rings at the part where the eagles swoop down and flies off with the main characters in their claws. I got that shivery feeling down my back.

I hope it comes back to visit again.


rabbitIng said...

How wonderful! I envy you. Since we moved here we have not seen so many interesting species. At our temporary home we used to get the Greater Woodpecker, on our bird table right outside the window, with his wonderful red markings. However, we haven't started feeding yet, this season.
My friend gets a buzzard in his garden. He admires it, but worries about his little cat!
Do let us know if your eagle comes again, please.

whitey said...

I could not get enough of the eagles on our trip to Alaska this summer enjoyed taking pictures of them. What I find strange is for the last couple of years we are having a lot of ravens do not ever recall seeing them has a child in this area.