Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On The Word Goth:

I don’t know if you have been hearing it, but I have. The word Goth.

It once meant Gothic or a Dark Punk Music sub culture.

Now it means that anything:
Black - the color
Odd - not the norm
In - In fashion, décor, fad… to be sought after
Mixed - Eclectic, a group of things not normally seen together
Dark - as in scary bad
Crying - tears
Too much - as in more then enough stuff, makeup, hair, layers of clothing…
Insane - scary crazy
Off center - Not even
Is Goth.

These days, the little black dress is a touch of goth. Mimes are not a set of actors who don‘t talk to get their point across, but a sub set of Goths. (So Not.) And someone with a black eye or smudged makeup, is going for the latest look.

The middle aged black, hide your fat, pants suit is now becoming granny goth. A little girl crying in the toy store for something she can’t have is being told by her parent to ‘Stop being Goth.’

The over use of the word ‘Goth’ is making me crazy. It confuses things. It waters it down and makes it worthless.

At this rate all things imperfect with be Goth and all Goths imperfect.
And that is a troubling thought.


Mouse said...

I'm so glad that hasn't filtered down here yet.. I would have a complete fit if someone told their child "stop being goth" while CRYING. Seriously? *face/palm*

Naomie76 said...

I haven't seen anyone in a pant suit, yet I know what you mean. Growing up the people only a few years older than me dress as though they are going to a black tie event everyday, all the time. That's much too much for me and some younger people are taking it further into nice comfortable clothing.

Sooticas Dream said...

Oh god yeah, I hate how it's over used.
When I used to dye my hair black & not dress Goth but dress "nornal", not even wearing any black, I still called Goth because of my hair colour! Ple-ase!

Another one that annoys me is how people mix Goth & Emo up or even think it's the same thing.
Emo is Goths annoying baby sister/brother.

I also hate how chavs call me Gothic. It's not Gothic, that's a movement in architecture, it's Goth!
It's simple ignorance, but it sure does irk me that's for sure!