Thursday, April 15, 2010

On My Own Goth Arch:

Okay so it is not Gothic in a pure sense. But it is mine and Mountain Man made it with his own two hands and a back thrown in to boot. About ten feet high, over three meters, at it's highest point.

A few weeks ago it started, and I showed you how rocks and stones began accumulating in my yard again, round about where the stone wall Mountain Man made last year.

This has been an on going project of Mountain Man’s, encasing the larger garden on tree sides with a stone wall. There is not one bit of concrete to his walls. They are about three foot/one meter thick walls of stones from around our property, collected and carefully placed to stand on their own.

Now this year he has enclosed the opening into the garden and I love it. All it needs now is a rustic gate to keep the animals out at night.

I wonder if I can find a gargoyle at a really reasonable price for the top? Anyone have an extra one laying around they like to add to it?
A girl can hope.


Jen aka knitstuff said...

so cool!

Naomie76 said...

Looks really good. I wonder how to make and arch.

Batty said...

Looks great, and it's staying up! I agree, a gargoyle would would be the perfect topper.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at his skills. You are quite fortunate.