Friday, April 9, 2010

On Goth a Skirt, How To:

I like to change up my clothing. Partly because I am and have been loosing weight, all be it slowly, and partly because I don’t like to spend extra money if I don’t have to.

I like to make extras that can be easily added or removed from a dress or top and skirt and reused on something else at another time. Over skirts and tops that add interest without adding too much money, time or weighty layers are the way I like to go.

You can use this over skirt pattern in anyway you like. It is great for a princess, ballerina, or fairy costume in bright or pastel colors. You can wear it over pants if you like and it looks great over a short skirt if you can put it off. Just go with what feels right to you. More ideas on Youtube here.

I used black so it will go with all my clothes. You can go with the color or color combination you like.

I made mine in about an hour, so I’d say if you’ve never made one before it should take no more then three hours for someone new to crafting.

You’ll need:
Elastic - waist length, or ribbon - long enough to tie around the waist and still make a bow, unless you add a hook and eye closure.

Tulle material
, (that is the netting you see brides veils made out of. It comes in a lot of colors.) At least 4 yards, more if you want it longer or fuller. Tule runs from about 99 cents a yard to 7 dollars a yard. I usually get the $2.00. This $2.00 kind is not too stiff like the cheaper stuff and not too expensive when using a lot of yards.

. Lots and lots of ribbon of different widths and lengths. Different looks are good too. Velvet, grosgrain, satin, patterned, what ever you like as long as it is not the wired or the craft kind for packages or floral arrangements, that stuff comes apart too easily, can‘t be washed and sometimes the color runs if it gets wet. You can get bargain ribbon in lots of places other then fabric stores. Try craft stores, second hand shops, close out stores, flee markets, department stores, church jumble sales, or even raid your grandmas basket of left over sewing goodies. Ask first so she can still respect you even if she doesn’t like the look.

- to cut the fabric and ribbon.

Needle and thread
to close the waist elastic into a circle, some people just tie it off, but I don‘t like the knot poking me or showing.

There is a tutorial here and here for making the tule or netting part of the over skirt. And you can use the instructions for the ribbon part in the same way for the front of the over skirt.

Put all the netting strips in the back and sides of the waist with the ribbon strips in the front for the look I have. You can do your own thing if you want. Just remember that if you mix it up with the ribbon here and there, the ribbon will tend to make its way to the inside and the netting will cover it, making you have to pull it out every so often if it is going to be seen.

If you are not into video, you have a slow dial up connection, or just like to read it over first, Here is what you do.

Make a circle of elastic to fit your waist. Making sure it is not too tight and will stretch over your hips so it can go on and come off easily over your other clothing. Sew it closed or knot it tightly.

Measure the tulle fabric to be twice the length you want the over skirt to be. Ankle length - you go from your ankle to your waist and back down to your ankle again. The same for your mid calf, knee or mid thigh. I used ankle, knee and a knee length with one tail longer then the other to make one side of it med thigh and the other mid calf, thus a combination of lengths all mixed up. I’m fat so yours will probably be thicker with the same amount of tulle. Then again I’m also short.

After you cut the length, you are going to cut this into strips. The easiest way to cut it is to fold it lengthwise or end to end (not side to side) a few times. Cut this in strip pieces about three inches wide or about the width of your hand without the thumb.

Take the strips and find the middle of each strip or there about and lay the loop end under a section of the elastic waist ring. Now take the ends of your strips and run them through the loop end of the strip around the elastic ring. (Pictures are of ribbon so you can see it better.)

Use the same directions for the ribbons, but it is best to cut the ends of the ribbon on an angle or a ‘V‘ cut so it doesn‘t unravel and trip you. So that’s, twice the length and then fold in half, loop under and ends through the loop around the waist ring.

You can wear this over any dress, skirt or pants and move to a goth look in seconds from your school, work or grandma friendly wear.

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Sooticas Dream said...

Oh that is cute!
I bet it would look awesome over skinny jeans or leggings (not that I have the legs for that! lol)

I think I'm going to have to dig out my sewing stash!