Sunday, April 18, 2010

On Goth Runs Deep:

I’m going to let you in on a little known secret about Goth clothing.

Goths Run Deep. Most people know that Goths tend to be thinkers. And some know that they are deep emotionally too. But this is usually looked upon in a bad way. The trouble that Goths are now having is that too many people are using the Goth style and are not truly Goth underneath.

Here is the secret part. There is a double edge sword to the clothing that true Goths wear. On the one side it is a style that they like, but on the other it is a double sided shield.

One part says who the Goths are, but the other part of it sifts out the people that don’t understand just how vulnerable they are.

As a Goth I know personally the so called ‘friends’ that have only hung around to get information from the smart Goth only to stab them in the back, walking away while counting the money that they made on the Goth’s smart ideas.

A Goth takes their friendships very seriously. And in knowing this, it is just helpful for the Goth to be able to weed out the people that don’t know how to look deeper then the makeup on the skin and the clothing on ones back.

To be a BFF (best friend forever) with a Goth you need to be able to see past the makeup and costume and to be able to offer and share your best depth of feeling and understanding with them. (I’m not talking secrets here.)

Once that has been met, that friendship has been forged in iron.

But also be aware. Once this friendship has been broken there is little likelihood that it will be repaired and less likely that it will ever run as deep again.

You don’t have to be Goth to be a Goth’s friend, but you need to know how to be as fierce of a friend if it is going to last.

The clothing of a Goth sets a boundary. Not a you and them thing as much as a test. The quest for lack of shallowness. If you are unwilling to find out what is under it and open to like what you find, the clothing forewarned you. It says, ‘I am complicated to get to know, but don’t bother to try if you just want to take advantage and then walk away.’

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Mouse said...

I absolutely agree. For the most part.. the way people react to my appearance is a great determiner of whether I actually want them for a friend or not. If they can't get past my appearance they probably aren't open minded enough to handle me anyway...