Saturday, April 3, 2010

On Ents and Things Found in the Woods:

For me the weekend is craft time. Not that I don’t craft and knit the other days of the week. But the weekend is a more creative time.

I let loose, try new things, and experiment. I get Ideas while walking in the woods now that the weather is turning nicer and today I’m planning on making Ent branches.

For those that don’t know, Ents are ancient tree herders who are care takers of trees. And they look quite a bit like the trees that they care for. You may have seen trees with faces on them. That was an Ent.

I have loved the idea of Ents since I was a child and first heard of them in an old fairy tale.

Watching ‘The Lord of the Rings’ again the other day made me want to attempt making an Ent costume again.

I don’t expect to make anything as good as in the movies, but I feel that I can come up with something that gets the idea across.

I did find some nice branch type wings at ‘Art of Wings’ in their online store. They have some really nice stuff if you are into fairies, light or dark. Their things are a little pricy for me, but they are lovely. I like looking at the weddings using a fairy theme and costumes.

As to other things in the woods. Lady Dark Firefly will be back after a computer cleaning and overhaul is complete. She tells me that she was looking for some fairy art for her blog and got hit hard by a virus. So, she is out in the woods making more fairy houses and learning how to use a digital camera until they get her computer back to her. Happy building my Firefly friend.

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Mouse said...

There is a man who comes to our Ren Faire who has an Ent costume. He's a stilt walker in a full costume and its absolutely amazing to see him walk. My husband has video & photos... I'll get them and send it to you!
BTW.. I HAVE to get a pair of purple bat wings from that website. Fantastic!