Friday, April 2, 2010

On The Aftermath of Panic Cleaning:

Well, I’m still trying to get my house back together after my daughter, her husband and their dog came for that unexpected week.

Not her fault that I panic cleaned.

You know the ‘grab and stick it anywhere out of sight’ cleaning you do in a pinch. And I was fielding phone calls and running here and there. So, my head was exploding everywhere and I can’t remember where I put anything that day.

I’ve been wanting to show you the gauntlets I knitted for my baby doll. A quick easy knit and I could make another pair in no time. But it’s a ‘I know that they are in this house somewhere so why would I do it again’ kind of thing, so I keep on looking.

I also have to go shopping for a new set of knitting needles. In the panic cleaning my knitting bag fell over and the vacuum chomped on my size US 6 bamboos. It turns out that I do have a wonderfully working beater bar on my vacuum. Splinters, splinters.

There is also the exchange of belongings after an unexpected visit. They left things of theirs and inadvertently took things of ours. I’m off to the post office to take care of my end of that too.

I’m looking forward to a nice quite visit next time. One where I know where I put things and I can find my belongings and my mind in an instant.


whitey said...

Guilty of this one myself!

Mouse said...

Heh.. also guilty! Four years later and I still have a sweater & a teeshirt of my mom's in my closet!