Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Busy, Busy, Fuzzy, Busy:

Fuzzarelly, of the blog with the same name, heard my cries for help and proof read my story ‘The Gravedigger.’

She sent me a paragraph by paragraph run down of the story and I had fun seeing my story through someone else’s eyes.

I have been busy rewriting the story and I will putting it up on ‘Thrill and Shiver’ when it is done.

Thanks also to Dorlana of Supernatural Fairy Tales. She said I needed some dialog.

Thank you to the other people who have commented on this and my other stories. It is always good to get feedback.

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The one thing I thought of after we spoke yesterday, was that there should be some mention of Jonathan's great size somewhere later in the story. Maybe he "lumbered to his feet" and maybe add some another reminder somewhere else.