Friday, April 23, 2010

On Boy, It’s Hot in Here:

I discovered why I was having so much trouble getting that story accomplished yesterday. By eight o’clock in the evening I was in bed with a fever.

I picked something up at my cancer support group meeting the other day.

On going back to bed and I’ll see you when I’m feeling better.


BlackCrow said...

Hope your ok and it's nothing serious....great to hear you found yourself a proof reader...I read about the student you hired...what a little sh#t!Karma will get him in the end!!
Love, love Mountain man's stone wall and arch!!...Pig (my mountain man) was very impressed...if we lived closer he could make you the perfect gate!
Oh you've seen him on ArkMetal...thanks for dropping by there...It's early days for him learning how to use a computer and putting together a blog. But he's doing's just started raining...gotta go...take care
xx grace

lalalalalemon said...

Hey. Um I know you probably think I'm nosy so I'll stay out of it. But I really do want part of it, so here I go.

I'd really like to chat. I know I probably don't know anything about you, but I'd like to offer a hand. Whatever you need that I can do from my computer, I'll help.