Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Not A Depressing Story:

So I have been in a snit. Well it all started with SAD (Seasonal Affectedness Disorder) or Seasonal Depression.

I was letting my life fall to the wayside as I sat and did nothing. Well nothing productive.

The days started to get a bit longer and I was coming out of it only to find myself 15 pounds heavier, again, and my house a mess. Not to mention a few dents in my relationship with Mountain Man.

Angry with myself I pissed and moaned, held my head and rocked, screamed and got to work.

I have learned to live with Seasonal Depression. But now that is not enough. I will not let it take over my world again just because it is temporary.

I did now, and will in future, get some meds and avoid the destruction to my life and the ones around me.

I have learned not to be selfish. Not to rain on the lives around me just because it will pass.

Have a healthier and happier New Year everyone. I will.


whitey said...

I get that also but this year I got me one of those daylight therapy lights and I really think it is helping. I am sitting in front of it right now I did increase my vitamin D that is supposed to help also. Mine starts has soon as the change the clocks back I start going to bed earlier and earlier then I am up at 3 in the morning trying to figure out what to do.


I hear ya. Started taking my happy pills again two weeks ago, and they seem to helping. Thank goodness the solstice is past. Good luck!