Friday, December 17, 2010

On Cartoon Like Capers, Part Two:

Now in the story, the carpeting is all cut up in small manageable hunks along with the old padding and hauled away. We go out to get the new rugs and guess what happened? No Guess. Really Guess!

They were out of our chosen wool rugs despite the assurances that they would be there on the day we came to pick them up from the carpet store. We got our money back and hit all the likely and unlikely places for cheap rugs and came away with only one medium sized rug that was not wool, but man made fiber.

Having removed all the furniture from the room it felt like the time to rearrange the room. Now, I’m in the habit of moving a few pieces around now and again. But the book cases generally stayed put. I was in the mood to have the tall ones where the wide ones where and the wide ones where the medium sized ones were.

In the end we discovered there was a reason that they were where they were. The light from the large window was blocked by the tall book cases, and the wide ones blocked the electric outlets.

They just fit right where they had been, so most of them went back to their same old places. Furniture and books were brought back into the room and life resumed.

We did get rid of a box of books as we went through them. Recycled to the second hand book place in town.

Of course this was not the end of the story. After a day of killer headaches from the off gassing from the not woolen but man made fiber rug, we moved the furniture off of the new rug and took it outside to air out in the cold for a few days. Not enough days by the way.

I continued to clean in other parts of the house to make more room for our ever changing lives.

The drawer I decided to clean out was full of glass candle holders. Clear glass, colored glass, patterned glass. Tapers, cup and plate type. Dozens of them wrapped in tissue paper.

I pull the drawer out to put it on the table in the next room to put them in the pantry. And you guessed it. It slipped from my hands, and crash smash, I spent the next few hours cleaning up broken glass fragments.

I’m still finding bits and pieces of broken glass in far flung places.

Only a few candle holders were salvageable with small chips and they were the cheap ones I didn’t care about. Now I’ll have to find new ones to make my three tiered candle centerpiece display on my round table.

On the up side I do have more room to put things that were looking for a home. But still the more we worked, the more we felt like a cartoon version of ourselves.

More tomorrow…

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