Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Cartoon Like Capers, Part One:

Okay, so you know how in your mind you have it all figured out. You know where everything will go and how its going to look in the end?

Of course you do. We’ve all done it.

First I’ll take you back to the beginning.

We had ‘old’ carpeting in the living room/parlor. Wall to wall. We got it from Mountain Man’s mother when she redid her living room 22 years ago. Old! Green. Carpeting!

So, in front of the one large window I had my house plants. Hanging plants, table plants, standing on the floor plants. A Victorian jungle of plants.

Plants being what they are need watering and watering leads to spillage every once in a while. The carpet would also get wet on these occasions. And after years of repeated wear and tear, wettings and dryings, The carpeting under the plants needed to go.

Now our house was once an ‘out building‘. On a farm if a building is not a house or a barn, it is an ‘out building‘. This ‘out building’ was first a chicken-egg business, then a lawn mower /auto repair fix-it shop. It was then left as a junk catcher and store-it spot for years after Mountain Man’s father died.

We married and moved in. First we washed off the concrete floors and cinder block walls and finished the place off. New inner walls, ceilings, carpets or rugs over the concrete floors in most rooms and flooring in the bathroom. We added plumbing and more walls to create rooms and spread the electricity around. We made it into a lovely house and home.

One day last month I discovered that the carpeting under the plants was getting all funky and falling apart. So we decided to remove the carpeting there and have the plants on just the concrete. Cleaner and neater. But as carpeting does not have an edge to it we decide to take up all the green, old, wall to wall carpeting and replace it with rugs in the rest of the room.

I have no less then seven (7) book cases full of books in addition to the various other pieces of furniture in that large ‘L’ shaped room. All standing on said carpeting. Needing to be moved off said carpet, so the carpet can be removed.

Now imagine a cartoon-like Lady Deathwatch going back and forth with armfuls of books and making sliding piles of books all over the house so that said book cases can be moved and said carpet can be removed. Got that picture in your head.

And now add the furniture from the large living room/parlor to the rest of the house. Not a lot of room to move or live in the rest of the house. I couldn’t get to my computer for days. This took up the better part of last week and why I didn’t get on the web.

More tomorrow…

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Lucky you! I am having to move my ten gajillion books 350 miles away.

Having a bit of a trauma about the entire thing.

Good luck with your carpet thing.