Saturday, December 18, 2010

On Cartoon Like Capers, Part Three:

Now Mountain Man is spending a lot more time in the living room. But his computer is in the family room.

Now we decide to move the computer stations around the house. We sit back to back in the family room on our computers so the router wires can reach both computers and the computers are not plugged into the same electric outlet.

I purchased a wireless connection for one of the computers and off we went. Furniture was moved yet again in the living room so that Mountain Man could move his desk into there.

The desk was first emptied and reorganized. Old paperwork made good fire started in the wood stove. His computer was taken apart and out from the computer cabinet in the family room and reassembled in the living room on his desk.

The computer cabinet is a narrow one to fit into the space it is in, so it doesn’t have a lot of desk top space so I went and cleaned out some space in a drawer in the a piece of furniture next to the computer for its related stuff.

My computer was taken apart and moved into the cabinet and we fired them up.

Things being what they are for us, the new wireless contraption was not strong enough to get the signal from the family room to the living room. So I had to move the computers, printer and personal stuff all back into their original places again.

Mountain Man and I have had it. No more movement of things in our house for a while. We feel like cartoon characters running back and fourth and getting no where.

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SiouxsieL said...

Moving furniture around is the worst.But I do it from time to time. Especially when I have more important things to do.