Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Update:

Now I’m not saying that my life is going down hill, or that I really can complain about anything. Because I do have it good all things considered. And I’m not overly upset about any of it. Life has its ups and downs. And I’m in for the ride.

Puppy discovered bugs and worms. To chase, catch, and bring into the house.

Rain and wind storm, lights out. Reading by candle light.

Yoga-ed too much, too soon and strained my back a bit.

Rained hard and some came in under the door. Wet floors and damp rugs.

Sunshine and growth and budding happening all around. Trees rufus with buds, husta’s doubling in growth daily, grass will need mowing very soon.

Rain and more rain. Puppy comes in after each walk and no white fur can be found on him, only brown drippy mud. Bath time for puppy many times a day.

My computer key board is dieing and I just got it last November. Dell is going to hear about this!

Rain and rain and more rain. Ran down the chimneys and onto the floors, under the doors and onto the floors. Took up most of the rugs days before.

Funeral for wife of Mountain Man’s friend, cancer. Sad. Very vanilla people so had to find some ‘not’ Goth clothing. And me with a closet full of Victorian Mourning garb. (What a waste of good Gothiness!)

Got some great deals at the dollar store on the way home from the funeral.

There is a rodent in the house and the puppy shows no signs of being a mouser. Mountain Man is setting traps in the bedroom where last it was heard scratching under a dresser.

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