Saturday, April 9, 2011

On Looking at Looks Part 2:

I didn’t realize that what I said yesterday would stir you. I thought I was talking in the dark again.

I do want to say I’m not one to hate beauty. I just don’t think that outward beauty is enough by itself. And that it shouldn’t be used to hide ill will.

I believe in inner beauty. Beauty of mind, heart and soul. A giving, helpful, loving person, no matter what they look like on the outside, is what I look for in a friend.

I try to practice being all of these things at all times.

Not that I’m perfect at it. Because I’m not. I get angry at injustice. I get discussed at prejudice. Small minds sadden me.

I look in the mirror each morning and take stock of myself. The outside is puffy and droopy and older. But my eyes still shine with love and laughter, with wrinkles to match them too. I’m thankful for one more day to do what improving I can on my inner self.

Daily I exercise my mind. And I also pray for everyone I know to be having trials. And those I do not know because not all people share their troubles with me.

I pray for people all over the world that live in war or disasters way. I pray for people who have personal trials that make them hard to live with even to themselves, and their family and friends. I pray for people in loss and grief.

I pray for comfort and help and peace and understanding for all.

I think about how to handle myself in assorted situations so I am less likely to fly off the handle.

The thing I work the hardest at is forgiveness. I tend to hold onto hurts. I pick at them until they are festering nicely if I let myself. Mostly I remind myself that when I’m the one in need of forgiveness it is often granted. I hold onto that feeling of love and care forgiveness brings to me and try to turn it around to use on others by forgiving them.

I want my heart to shine through my looks, no matter how old and tired I may look at times.

And the people who don’t want to see past my wrinkles will just be missing out on a wonderful relationship with me.


The Words Crafter said...

I went back and read your previous post. I, too, love the line about finding comfort in the faces with wrinkles.

I think a lot of people pay attention to outward things, even material things and social status. Shame. A lot of those people aren't very nice.

My friends are my friends, no matter what they look like, how much money they have, or where they come from.

Fantastic post!

rabbitIng said...

The really sad thing is that so many young people fear they don't live up to whatever the standard is supposed to be. But when did that 'standard' come in? and who decided it? and what is it anyway? you must have brains, but not show it too much if you're a woman. you must have big breasts, but not if you want to be a model, then you must be anorexic. even men are getting caught up now. the 'aspirational' society has us all aspiring so much that we can't appreciate what we are/have.
Anyway, I've earned these lines, this is my life on my face. I live with it, and so can everyone else! I love reading your blog, it is both interesting and reassuring - it makes me know I am not the only one out there marching to a different drum! very best to you and yours always :)