Friday, April 1, 2011

On Not Exactly Together, But Doing Fine:

Sir Laidback and Sir Handsome have not met. In fact they have polar opposite places to stay.

Sir Laidback has a skin condition and a compromised immune system leading to infection very easily. He also has a trick knee that has been giving him more trouble lately. And trying to get away from a bouncy puppy he can’t see coming would not be something I would like to see him go through.

Sir Handsome is a puppy from a home full of other dogs and cats. He thinks that all animals are his friends and fair game in play.

Since it would overwhelm Sir Laidback to have a very social puppy want to play, for now they will not meet.

Although not the arrangement we would like to see, it is easy enough for us to do this because there are the two of us and we have the time and room. No one is short changed and they don’t know it any other way. So they don’t care. Sad but true.

Sir Handsome is my dog and Sir Laidback is Mountain Man’s. They can each have their own woodstove to get warmed by, as we have two, one for each end of the house since we don’t have central heating.

We love them and are happy to take care of them in the ways their needs require. And for now that means in separate parts of our place on the mountain. It works for us and we are happy with the arrangement.

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Anonymous said...

That's a really good idea. My sister's cat runs and hides every time she and my dog are both visiting my parents' house at the same time.