Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Help! I’m Playing and I Just Can’t Stop!:

I found a new obsession!

Well, let me back up to the beginning of the story.

I have an iGoogle page and on it I have a few game that I play now and again.

You know those free video games that you only play a few rounds and move on to the next thing you’re suppose to be doing.

I had Bejeweled, the old version, on there and it just stopped working, so I went to find a new game to replace it.

I found ‘Flood-It!’! A simple game of starting in the upper left hand corner you take one color (of the 6) at a time and collecting the available touching colored squares in the box, until the box is filled with only one color. You have a limited amount of tries for each round of play. There are 3 sized playing boards, Small, Medium and Large.

It is from They have more than a few things just for iGoogle, (and a few for Android and iPhone) that I have on my home page. (You don’t have to have iGoogle for your ‘home’ page. You can make it just a page you create for yourself with your favorite gadgets in it. All you need is a ‘gmail’ address to get at it. Free and easy.)

I’ve been playing for days almost non stop. I’m addicted to this silly stupid game.

I’m going to have to delete it. I have other more important things to do. Really I do!

I’m a level Genius Pixie already. (And frankly I’m not that great at it. I only have a 50% win rate.) I haven’t even touched the large board yet.

I guess, I’m hoping it will just burn itself out and I won’t have to hit the delete button.

But at the moment, I’m a bad girl and loving every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to have good, silly fun once in a while. I just spent several minutes laughing as my dog entertained herself by chasing a ball. And that kind of fun is supposed to be addicting, I, if only dog hadn't tired herself out...