Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Sophie Lancaster:

I guess I’ve been thinking about looks because last week someone asked me to post this YouTube short about Sophie, the girl beaten to death in 2009 for looking different.

This animated film is less than four minutes long and was made for schools and other social groups to show and talk about with young people. It is to get kids to think before acting out on others just because they look different.

They are looking for as many hits as they can get and support also if you are so inclined to help them spread the word of tolerance.

As always you can click on the YouTube logo in the corner of the screen to go to YouTube to watch this and/or get the Embeding info for your blog. (If you have never posted a video from YouTube before, click on the Embed button under the video and simply copy and paste the info from the box into your blog. Done!)

So, if you have a blog please post this video there. If not, just take the time to watch it through and maybe tell your friends about it. Violence in this film is at a minimum. (Caution, you may want tissues with you before you start watching.)

Here is a link to the making of this film for those that want more back ground info.

If the video is cut off on the side the link for it is here.


Anonymous said...

This always makes me cry. I wish people were more compassionate. I think that's why I like dogs better than people. They can be demanding, but at least they're honest. And they try to comfort you if you're unhappy or not feeling well. Even if their efforts are unhelpful, their hearts are still in the right place. I wish more people could be like dogs.

Sooticas Dream said...
-for donations, store, shows etc.

I've followed the story since it first hit the headlines. I remember the hospital was inundated with flowers from complete strangers...I know it worried my Mum & she asked me to tone my look down for a while.
It still surprises me about the the hostility against particularly Goths, since we've been around since the late 70s. You would of thought the general public would be used to seeing Goths in the high street!

Each to their own......