Monday, February 7, 2011

On ‘Sim’ulated Frustration:

I am no longer upset about Mountain Man’s accident. I’m on to other things.

I have been fighting with my Sims 3 game.

I finally got the second installment of Sims 3. Thinking that they had two years to debug it and that I’d be fine putting it into my computer.

Tis’ to laugh, my friends!

World Adventures is an adventure in computer crashes.

It actually worked better before I put the patches into it and changed things on my computer to except it.

No other game causes me so much trouble.

EA Games is a money sucking corporate farce of a company.

No game should be on the market for so long and not have been fixed better then this. They have just gone ahead and created more installments. Five more to be correct.

I thank the powers that be, and my frugalness, that I got it on sale.

The premise is a good one: travel to China, France, and/or Egypt and hunt through caves and tombs for treasure and hidden objects while watching out for traps. This is done with a mini side game aspect.

The games are interactive and fun. Watch out for mummies who can put a deadly curse on your Sim. Sleep in a tomb. Collect riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Levels of play that grow and need more of your attention and time to complete. I was loving it. And there are things only available, to buy or learn, in the country of origin.

It was the only reason I was willing to jump through the hoops EA Games set before me.

But seeing the screen go black and my computer tell me that once more it had shut down to save itself from animation has become too much for me.

I’m tired of having to pull the game out and start from scratch again and again.

I give up! Hands in the air! I’ll never buy another EA Game in my live time. For myself or my family.

My love of the Sims games has been broken. Along with all of EA’s Promises! And I have been a die hard fan from the first day of Sims, but back then it was Maxis.

EA Games is not a responsible Video Game maker. And if money is their bottom line. They’ll not get another dime from me!

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand. My sister has the Sims and the Sims 2 (not sure if she's been able to get the Sims 3 yet--she said at one point that she wasn't sure she liked the idea of it). The game was way better when Maxis was still producing it--but they've moved on to--what was the name of that other game they'd been working on forever? Oh,well. Anyway, software ugs stink. I've seen enough segnmentation faults to make my head spin. Do you post pictures of your Sims? I love looking at all the interesting houses and characters people create.