Friday, February 18, 2011

On An Invitation to a Tea Party:

Hi Everybody,

This is the weekend of the Annual Thankfulness Tea Party.

You are all invited. Saturday or Sunday, take your pick.

Get together some food, something to drink, paper and something to write with.

Put on some music and enjoy yourself while you write down everything you can think of that you are thankful for.

People, experiences, and/or just stuff.

Have a theme to it or not.

Have friends or family with you, or just go it alone so you can think.

It sounds overly simple, but it is not. It changes ones perspective as the seasons change around us.

It is a way to find happiness in ones own skin and not just from the toys we have around us.

Enjoy your life and comment on your experience.

Hugs to all, Lady Euphoria

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