Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Hide and Seek:

I’ve been hiding from the cookie jar and seeking a snow free walkway.

Yes, I’m back on the exercise and eating less trail again after a party day.

One more pound off my short frame this last week. I got back into my largest dress this morning. Not that it helped me with clothing to wear to shovel the walkway.

Yes, we were some of the people who got caught in that snow storm on Sunday night. We got exactly eight inches. And just when we could see some bare ground the day before.

So I alternately shoveled and rested with my Sims 3 game to keep me from eating the exercise points away. (Yes, I used a cheat so that they didn’t have to eat either.) I just couldn’t watch them eat things like crepes or cookies, and even the mac and cheese looked good.

Mountain Man plowed for hours yesterday, both here and at the neighbors houses.

It was a cold night and it felt good to see the ice drip like rain from the roof edges this afternoon.

It feels good to get back to walking and using the stair stepper again. My knee is doing good. I’m not over doing it. But I am using it like normal once again.

And there is a added thing that I don’t have to work the upper body quite as much. My arms were getting just plain tired.

I’m still thankful for all the good in my life. When I see all those pages full of happy thoughts it makes me smile. I’ve had some bad times in my life, but I won’t let them out weigh the good. Not that I’m keeping score.

But bad stuff does come without you having to ask for it. Why not counter that with taking the time to practice looking at the good.

Those, ‘I know that there is good times in my life somewhere… Come out, come out where ever you are?’ days are fewer when you look at and for good times more often.

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Anonymous said...

Smile. Where I am, the snow was almost completely gone (at least, near my house--my parents' backyard still had some snow). Then, it snowed on Sunday and Monday. I'm not sure how much we got--I read 3 to 5 inches in the forecast. Glad to see you're staying busy and trying to stay warm; we are doing the same, as frustrated as P and I are. But spring is only a month away (I hope--no snow in April would be very nice...).