Friday, February 11, 2011

On Lost the Hang of Fridays:

I used to like Fridays. Finishing up things for the week and starting the weekend. Like a punctuation mark. It had meaning.

But after years of retirement Fridays don’t have the same punch it used to have.

Not that we don’t mark it. It is clean up day around here. Putting everything back in order for a less cumbersome weekend. Freedom to play or worship, as the case may be, without chores weighing you down.

But since I’ve been cleaning on Thursdays, its left Friday to get ourselves into trouble.

Mountain Man worked on the car and didn’t get it done before dark. So no car for weekend travel.

I pulled out some sewing and there on the table is a half done project. I don’t want to put it away undone, because it might take forever to finish it that way.

We’ve been doing that more and more lately. And it messes up our whole week.

Weeks like that just run together and time looses meaning. I don’t like it at all.

I need to keep the Friday clean up as we have always done. Its just better that way.

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