Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Down For The Count:

Riddle Time! What do you get when you block the bottom quarter of a usually open doorway so the sick dog can’t mess the whole house?

Ohhh, Ooooo, let me answer. Please!

A broken face. And bruised knee, and scrapped shin, and bumps, bruises and black and blue all over. Raccoon eyes. Nose three times its normal size.

I tripped over the dog gate last night. Flat out.

Planted my face into the concrete floor.

I feel so foolish. I was the one who put it there because I was tired of tracking down puddles left by our dog, poor old Lady Long.

I spent the night, what felt like, being packed in ice. I still ache all over.

Tomorrow I’ll laugh at myself. Right now I’m going back to bed and waiting until this winter storm we’re having is over and my face stops hurting so much.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh. I've been there. I was thinking about getting some gates to help contain Miss Patricia, especially during grooming...but this makes me extremely glad I chose to use a large, empty closet instead. Besides, I think P likes having her own grooming parlor (if I can oly get her to go in it). Lots of ic, and cuddles with Lady Long. But careful about letting her on furniture if she's usually not allowed. It took me weeks to correct Patricia on that, when I let her on the couch once when I was sick. And feel better soon! I'm very excited about the tea party, and I don't want anyone not feeling well for it!

whitey said...

Ouch! My face hurts just reading about this. Are you sure you are okay?

Anonymous said...

Oh ouch! I hate forgetting those kind of things. :( Stay warm and I hope you heal up fast! *hugs*