Friday, February 18, 2011

On Dreaming in Winter:

I’m talking night time, sleeping, dreaming here. Looking at the sun on the snow today made me think of this.

There are a few things that are a standard in my dreaming world. That makes my dream world familiar to me. But not like my awake world. They are not what is familiar in the way other people dream. We are of course individuals.

Light: It radiates from the ground in my dreams. Like the sun shine on clean, white, snow makes the sky seem darker. Like back and floor lit pieces of art. The lighting in my dream world doesn’t come from above.

Transport: Cars, bicycles, trains, motorcycles, even roller skates and skateboards and be like this. All transportation is controlled by a disk. Much like a steering wheel in look, but more like a airplane in that you control the speed with it by push and pull. And you don‘t turn it like a wheel, but tilt it to the side that you want to go. Think magic plate held out in front of you like a little kid playing.

Stairs: I have never been able to walk up or down stairs in my dreams. I have crawled, walked on the outside of the banister, used rope ladders next to the stairs, elevators, been transported, jumped, flew, climbed up trees and into windows, and on one occasion I dripped down the steps like a cartoon character.

In my real life I have had steps collapse out from under me. The only thing saving me from falling to the floor below was my momentum so that I landed on the steps in front of me. The landlord got an earful I can tell you.

In my real world I always take the stairs if I can. Exercise, saving power, dislike of possibly being trapped in an elevator without a bathroom. I’m a stair person in my real life, but in my dream world I can’t do it.

I wonder what that says about me?

Do you have odd things to deal with in your dreams?

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