Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Why I Started Blogging:

I started blogging back in May of 2008 to try to connect with other people. There were friends and family that I could connect with but not on all the levels that interested me. I had ideas and thoughts that the people around me found odd. Not bad, weird or sick ideas. Just not their cup of tea.

In some ways my blogging has opened up a dialog here at home that was impossible before. The people around me found that I was not as different from others, or themselves, as they once thought.

That said, they also found that my having a new group of people in the world to converse with let them off the hook. They didn’t have to talk with me about the things we used to talk about as common interests. I might slide into talking about gothy things.

Mountain Man watched as my relationships with friends and family had ups and downs, but mostly downs. Watched as I reached out time and again only to be ignored.

In trying to expand my circle of friends, it seems I have only reduced the numbers around me here at home.

I love and care about my internet friends with all the friendship and caring I do the other relationships in my life. I don’t know how to turn my back on others and it is not in me to learn how to now.

I've had a lot of fun here and learned a few things here also. I wouldn't give it up for the world.

But saying that, I have not been the friend I once was. I don’t have the time I’d like to right now to sit and hang out on the web. The veggies won’t can and freeze themselves.

So instead of feeling guilty and frustrated. I’ll just say it out. I got some things to do and I can’t do a daily blog right now.

I’m not abandoning blogging for ‘face book’ or ‘twitter.’ (I don’t even have an account with them, or feel the need to check them out.) I made myself crazy last year trying to fit everything in and just lost sleep.

So friends out there in cyber land, I’m not out playing with my other friends. I’m working at home and I’m hoping to find more time when harvest time is done.


Rebecca Nazar said...

I've had to cut down on my posts too. Hey, life happens, especially when it's stuffed with soccer. This is the most perfect time of year. None of us should be tethered to our computers. Take care, keep in touch when you have time. :-)


We'll be here when you come back.

Mouse said...

I assure you that there are very few people in blogland who blog daily anymore... its definitely not a big deal. I hope to still hear from you though when you have a chance!

(also.. if I had real world friends I'd abandon this box & keyboard in a heartbeat, but alas..)

Kristin Dombrowski said...

Hi Euphoria,
I totally understand what you are going through! Sometimes it is nice to put the computer away, and get outside to embrace the world around us. Blogging is a challenge to keep up on, and when it turns into a chore then it is time to put it on the backburner for a little while. Enjoy being out in the fall season, enjoy the harvest. Please stay in touch and do post from time to time so your readers can know how you are doing.
All the best,

Judith said...

I hope you have a bountiful harvest, one that matches the greatness of your lovely heart.

My situation is getting better. I just couldn't email everyone because my computer at the office decided to have problems today!

Oh, well. It's the thought that counts, right? :)

BlackCrow said...

I agree....just knowing your being productive makes me feel even more inspired and get my but moving in the studio!! I'm starting to feel like I've taken a bit to much on but we'll see how things pan out by the end of the year....a new consignment and a craft market to fill with my art dolls,will be keeping me very busy!!
Think of you often though...oh and hey did I tell you my friend Helen is going to teach me how to tat...only when she remembers herself though....I'm certain that we will get it together sooner or later!
cheers matie!!

Helena Handbag said...

Take care of you, Lady E.