Friday, September 4, 2009

On Lady Sweaters Knitting:

I have the pictures. Mountain Man was on the roof yesterday doing pre winter repairs and upgrades. It was the first time all summer we had enough days in a row of nice weather for him to get the job done.

Yes, that is me in my newly finished ‘February Lady Sweater.’ It took five tries all together. The first one was a size thing. (I had only done a third of it by the time I ripped it out. I have a larger boob thing going on then the pattern allowed, she had more stitches in the back.) The second was a matter of not enough purple yarn. (I add the variegated on the next go round.) The third was a mistake in the shoulders. The one arm was too big and the second arm was too small. The forth was that I had lost weight by the time I made it and it was too big to the point of falling off my shoulder. And now the fifth time out, it is finally done.

I love it in all its purpley goodness. I got a compliment at the grocery store this morning on its debut out in the real world. They even wanted to know where I got the pattern. By Pamela Wynne.

The color is not quite right in the pictures. It really is a little more to the red side of purple then the blue. It is made from just some bargain acrylic yarn I found and liked the colors.

I am back to making mittens along with other unfinished projects. It feels so nice to have my hands on some knitting that is not wedding related for a change. I’m not good with dead lines and all that. Now, I can knit at my own speed again. Knitting Heaven.

Thanks for all the well wishes these past few days I was sick.


Mouse said...

Ooooh... I really like that! Congrats on a finished object!
I'm so lazy & cheap when it comes to knitting sweaters because I know that what I usually end up in is ancient $1.00 Woolrich sweaters from the thrift store. I may have to get off my lazy butt and get some craft store acrylic/wool blend and make myself a sweater too!

Jen aka knitstuff said...

love it! I've got one going as well.