Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On Going Crazy:

Mountain Man is now down off the roof. The leak around the chimney is finally fixed. It should not rain or snow inside any longer.

We went to the home improvement center this morning. I got the plywood and a few of the other things I needed to build my play coffin. I had to compromise on a few things. But I think in the end I will still like the results.

I started the Crazy Quilt yesterday. I got out my multitude of embroidery thread and set to work. I also found some test pieces of embroidery I had done in years gone by and I will be using some of them for some for the patches in my quilt.

I started with a square of backing 14 X 14 inches (I like to have an inch around to work with on a project like this.) and started pinning pieces of fabric, folding in the edges as I went, to cover the backing. The finished pieces will be 12 X 12 inches.

After I got all the pieces to cover the backing. I started to embroider it together. You don’t have to have pieces with colors that go together. They can clash a bit because you are bordering it with other colors in the fancy stitching. Do try to have colors that don’t clash or blend in too much in the embroidery stitching and have fun just going wild.

Wherever two fabrics meet, stitch it down with fancy stitches. One color, two colors, three colors, four or more. Mix and match, use a color from the other side of your square by matching the thread colors, or go with new and different color combination all together.

I don’t use an embroidery hoop for this, but lots of people do. I free stitch and use my imagination, but you can use any stitches you choose. Just make sure that you stitch the fabric down enough to hold the seams. You use a lot of different stitches here and there, and/or add different kinds of stitches alone or in combinations. Criss cross, square, circle, or wavy stitches. Just go Crazy!

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Judith said...

This is very beautiful!