Monday, September 14, 2009

On If its Monday, than I was Lost:

The plans I had for the last week all went in the ash can. I was sick with some head cold thing that blossomed into a major, many day migraine. I’m told it is Monday the fourteenth and my computer agrees, so I’m moving on from that point and giving up the last week as lost.

On the good end of things, I lost some weight while I was sick. How much is still to be determined. I’ll know more after I’m through re-hydrating.

I have nothing to show you because nothing on the project front was accomplished. Mountain Man is so glad that I am up and about, he has agreed to help me with the coffin building today because it is supposed to rain later in the week. Weather is a factor, have to work on it outside because it is too big of a project for his work shop area indoors.

I dreamed about embroidery patterns while I was sick. Some were far to complicated or far fetched to replicate on my crazy quilt, but some of them will make the final cut.

I’ll start to read and catch up with what you have been up to on your blogs and emails a little later today, Mountain Man wants to work on the wood this morning.

I’m back in the real world and I think its Monday.

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