Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Green Beans, and Wax Beans, and Beets, Oh My!:

I can’t believe it’s been twelve days since I blogged last. I wanted to fire up the computer each day. As I cut green and wax beans and beets and corn and… or I did other needed household tasks, I would think about turning on the computer. But I never did get that far.

I missed you, you know.

I miss reading the blogs of others. I miss reading my emails. I miss knowing what is going on.

I missed telling you what is going on around here, even though there hasn’t really been anything going on around here except canning veggies.

I have been planning my gothy attack on the Halloween treasures in the stores and making plans for more goth and/or fairy/wood nymph costumes for my collections. A lady can’t have too many wings, don’t you know.

We are not done with the canning, alas. And shopping for gothy stuff is still going to be a future trip.

We have been watching ‘The Waltons’ (The seventy’s TV show.) on DVD as we can our fruits and veggies. I got a good deal on the first eight years of the show a while ago and they just seemed to fit the mood of canning, like they did in the old days of the depression. We are on the Fourth year of the show and I wonder if we will finish the canning or the DVD’s first.

I know that the world has been moving forward with out me the last two weeks and I miss it a lot, but I have to say that it is a lot easier to just do the canning without the daily interruptions I let in when I turn the computer on.

It won’t be too much longer, I hope, before I will have the time to blog again with abandon. See you all then.



Lady, I admire your fortitude. I, too, should not even sit down in front of this screen, because once I do - I can write off the next four hours.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, though, so you will have to go on and finish with your canning so you can get back to blogging. Killing frosts are on the way.

Thank Goodness.

Mouse said...

My mom used to can fruits & veggies when I was younger.. brings back memories!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Canning is the bomb, a rare art. Enjoy. :-)

Severina said...

Hey, I think I kinda feel the same way about blogging and the internet. I was all about posting whatever I thought and visiting blogs and groups every day, then got bored/depressed about other stuff and just didn't seem to have the time to fool with it any more. Real life crept up! But sometimes I miss it.

Ahhhh, canning vegetables. My mother does that but I've been much too timid of the pressure cooker to even think about trying it on my own, but living in the city I probably couldn't grow enough to can.

Off to knit some silk/wool stockings that I'm hoping are suitable for both Victorian garb and for everyday wear. Black, of course!