Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Thankful for Followers:

I’m back from canning and freezing food. And I’d like to say just how thankful I am for my followers.

I love you guys. And thank you for sticking with me while I was busy and not blogging daily.

The first few months when I blogged, when I didn’t have any followers and not a comment was made, were painful. I felt like I was screaming alone in the dark. Not uncommon for me, but not what I was going for here in blogland.

After about six months or so of daily blogging some comments came. Then a follower. I still remember that day when I looked in and a follower was there in my following column. I wasn’t alone anymore. Someone wanted to see what I had to say enough that they wanted a heads up when I posted.

I was sooo flattered, sooo happy, but at the same time I felt sooo responsible. No longer did my words just bounce off the black nothingness of space. I needed to up my game, entertain, hold onto my truths with both hands, so I didn’t become a phony.

You have gotten me through some dark days of things too personal to blog about. You have made me smile, correct myself, and keep to the true quest. You have told me when I full if dirty socks and dead worms, and I thank you for that too.

I still thrill when a new follower swells the blog total and I hurt a little when one leaves.

I am a better person because of you, my follower friends, and I thank you daily from the bottom of my little old dark goth heart.


Mouse said...

*hugs* I wanted to let you know that only people who follow you on blogger show up on your sidebar.. there are tons of other ways to get blog feeds- which means you may very well have many more followers than you think!!

whitey said...

love being here!