Monday, September 13, 2010

On Anticipation:

I grew up with anticipation. We waited for things.

Instant gratification was few and far between. In fact the work and waiting was part of the things to come.

We would make decorations for birthdays and holidays for weeks before hand, we would weave stories about how it will be to each other, we would make plans for who will be involved in our good fortune.

I have been waiting for my new gas range to be delivered. Dates were arranged, plans were put into place. People were told so that they could come and see it. Sharing in the gleaming newness of the thing, and partake in the first meal made on it.

The range was delivered to the store, confirmations were made. Time and delivery was set. People were getting ready for a day of food and fun.

The day arrived, party clothing put on. Food ingredients readied. And we waited watching the clock for the delivery time. Anticipation mounted…

And nothing happened….

A phone call was made…

The range was damaged falling off the forklift during the loading of it on to the truck to be delivered to my house.

I am not cooking on it, the party disbanded.

I am waiting for a new delivery to the store for another one, as mine was too damaged to be delivered.

But this time I am not enjoying the anticipation.


Mouse said...

SOrry to hear about your stove- I hope they get it sorted out ASAP and you are happily cooking on it soon!

get facebook fans said...

this things should never been say!

Just Plain Tired said...

That sounds exactly what would happen to me. Hopefully you'll get the new range soon.

whitey said...

I hope by now you have gotten your new stove and are cooking up some great things!