Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Crawl The Way Home:

This Little Piggy started her day with house work. I was getting a lot done and I even did some laundry while the sun was shining. (Its suppose to rain again tomorrow.)

If you remember, yesterday at my house it was very windy. And a lot of leaves and other things came down out of the trees. Markedly the acorns from the oak trees. We had a unusually large acorn year. Many, many more then usual.

My clothes lines are located between some of the trees at the edge of the oak grove to the west of the house.

Picture this: Me walking to the clothes line with a basket full of laundry. Very, very many acorns hiding under the leaves on the ground. You guessed it. I was heading for a walk on a field of marbles.

Like a slow motion comedy my feet started to move faster then my body and in all directions. I went one way then the other as I tried to stay upright. Clean laundry spilled out of the basket. Wiggle, twist, wiggle, spin and down! Once, twice, thrice.

I laughed and cried. On my hands and knees I picked up the now mucky clothes. I tried to get up one more time, and down I went again, this time twisting my ankle.

I had to crawl my way back to the house, towing the laundry basket behind me. I have a swollen ankle, a bumped up hip, a black and blue elbow, some scratches and cuts, and a wounded pride.

This Little Piggy had to do the laundry again, but this time I hung it inside.

I have prescribed ice packs, knitting, and watching ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle Show’ cartoons on Hulu (Free Web TV) for the rest of the day. I'm just thankful I never hit my head.

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Mouse said...

Ouch!I hope you recover quickly! We lost a lot of tree branches (and acorns & pinecones) in the storms as well.. makes getting Munchkin to the bus in the morning quite interesting.