Saturday, September 25, 2010

On Life Reflections in the Colors:

I was walking, and I have to say, it was almost a perfect Autumn day. I little warm, but it was just the right kind of dry that the fallen leaves crunch satisfyingly under foot. And if you shuffle your feet you get that wonderful sush sush noise.

It smells like Autumn. The sun light is Autumn. The breeze is Autumn. It is Autumn.

I am more of an introvert in Autumn. I think, and remember, and distill my life in Autumn.

I put the pieces of my life and experiences together, work on the patchwork quilt of myself. The self I show others, and the self I don’t.

I feel that everyone should have a piece of oneself that they keep to themselves. Not necessarily a secret, just something special to remind yourself of who you are that is different from others, so you don’t get lost easily.

I have lost myself at times. And don’t want to ever do it again.

New relationships come to mind. Busy times like that make loosing yourself easier. New turns in life like motherhood.

I would much rather live a hard life in the presents of each moment then a wooden life of planning to someday live with plenty all around me.

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