Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Time to Update:

Well, since I was here last.

We’ve been canning and we are still doing so.

My father and step-mom came for a visit. We had a good few days of talking while visiting and getting things done.

They have been making the rounds of visiting kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. And I learned from Dad that other family members have also been doing contact juggling too. (I think, as a family, we think a like, don‘t you?)

I am knitting at every stolen minute I can. The kids are coming to visit this coming weekend and I what to give them some more baby gifts.

I have found that the contact juggling has been a good opposite-knitting exercise. When I knit for too long my back and neck get tight, but now with doing the contact juggling it loosens my back and neck right up. And my hands and arms are getting stronger too.

I have been noticing that autumn is starting to creep in. Some leaves are starting to change and the air itself is changing.

I think of pumpkins and colored leaves, the smell of pencils being sharpened and new books.

Favorite things are coming, like autumn and new babies, knitting and playing, cooking and snuggling down in readiness for winter.

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